Softball campers take the field

Softball campers worked on fielding grounders and making throws to all bases in the infield.

Players caught fly balls and worked on making plays in the outfield.

Campers took part in wacky tacky day during the three-day softball camp.

WEST JEFFERSON — The annual Diamond Stars Softball Camp took place at Ashe County High School under Coach Bill Key.

Participants included girls from third grade through rising ninth graders, practiced and worked to improve their softball skills for three hours every morning from June 15-17.

Current high school players aided Coach Key in helping the camp attendees by running various stations.

One assistant, Haley Miller, was very enthusiastic about her time working with the future all-stars

“I love it. These little kids are something else. They’re a lot of fun and I love teaching them,” said Miller.

Not only did the camp members enjoy the benefits of learning from current softball players, they also experienced the ability to showcase their creativity through themed days – wacky day on Tuesday and tie dye day on Wednesday. On the final day, the girls celebrated their accomplishments getting soaked by water from a fire truck.

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