Track team competes at Wilkes Central

By Nathan Ham -

WILKESBORO —Wilkes Central was the host for last Thursday’s track meet that saw Ashe County pick up victories in 14 events competing against Central, East Wilkes and Alleghany.

Ashe County individual results

*Results are unofficial

Men’s pole vault: Trent Miller (first, 11 feet), Torrin Potter (third, eight feet, six inches).

Men’s discus: Mason Shumate (first, 109 feet, one inch), Tanner Kilby (second, 107 feet, 4.5 inches), Carter Wilson (third, 105 feet, 10 inches).

Men’s shot put: Carter Wilson (first, 46 feet), Tanner Kilby (third, 36 feet, 10 inches), Mason Shumate (fifth, 35 feet, five inches).

Men’s long jump: Nick Lanfranchi (fourth, 16 feet, nine inches).

Men’s triple jump: Grady Rector (fifth, 30 feet, 11.5 inches).

Men’s 110-meter hurdles: Nick Lanfranchi (first, 15.81 seconds), Jake Shepherd (second, 17.40 seconds).

Men’s 100-meter dash: Josh Hardin (first, 11.68 seconds).

Men’s 4×200 relay: First, 1:37.

Men’s 1600-meter run: Tafton Baker (second, 4:44), David Roten (third, 5:07), Jake Shepherd (fifth, 5:21).

Men’s 4×100 relay: Second, 47.84 seconds.

Men’s 400-meter dash: Riley Richardson (first, 54.70 seconds), Nate Owens (second, 56.34 seconds), Grady Rector (fifth, 59.75 seconds).

Men’s 300-meter hurdles: Jake Shepherd (second, 48.41 seconds).

Men’s 800-meter run: Terek Ashley (third, 2:17).

Men’s 200-meter dash: Josh Hardin (second, 24.27 seconds).

Men’s 3200-meter run: Tafton Baker (second, 11:20), Justin Lopez (third, 11:23).

Men’s 4×400 relay: First, 3:53.

Women’s pole vault: Shanna Huffman (second, seven feet, six inches), Melena Howell (third, six feet, six inches).

Women’s discus: Maddie Joines (second, 76 feet, four inches).

Women’s shot put: Celeste Ramseur (second, 28 feet, two inches).

Women’s high jump: Bella Potter (first, four feet, eight inches), Holly Grant (fifth, four feet, two inches).

Women’s triple jump: Maddie Joines (first, 28 feet, nine inches), Holly Grant (fifth, 24 feet, eight inches).

Women’s 110-meter hurdles: Katherine Horner (first, 18.22 seconds), Hailey Taylor (fourth, 19.72 seconds).

Women’s 4×200 relay: First, 2:00.

Women’s 1600-meter run: Mahaley Cronk (first, 5:53), Madison Warner (second, 6:33), Olivia Randolph (third, 6:34), Malorie Eller (fourth, 6:34), Zoe Schell (fifth, 6:36).

Women’s 4×100 relay: Second, 57.53 seconds.

Women’s 400-meter dash: Kaitlyn Jordan (third, 1:11), Melena Howell (fourth, 1:11), Madison Warner (fifth, 1:12).

Women’s 300-meter hurdles: Katherine Horner (second, 53.75 seconds, Hailey Taylor (third, 58.33 seconds).

Women’s 800-meter run: Malorie Eller (second, 2:57), Olivia Randolph (third, 2:59), Zoe Schell (fourth, 2:59).

Women’s 200-meter dash: Kaitlyn Jordan (second, 29.44 seconds), Chetola Greer (fifth, 30.81 seconds).

Women’s 3200-meter run: Mahaley Cronk (first, 14:17).

Women’s 4×400 relay: First, 4:53.

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By Nathan Ham

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